Installation of Infeel self-adhesive coatings

Infeel is a self-adhesive coating produced through the fusion of layers of polyvinyl (PVC).

Due to its characteristics, the Infeel self-adhesive coatings are the perfect solution to carry out reforms with few works.

Infeel products are only limited by your imagination, as they can be applied to walls, furniture, columns, bathrooms, doors, individual panels, uneven, flat surfaces, etc.

With a wide variety of textures and patterns, Infeel will help you create a spectacular atmosphere in your spaces.

Infeel self-adhesive coatings are all advantages:

  • They can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces due to their thermoformable properties.
  • They are resistant to stains, abrasion, heat, moisture, scratches and impacts.
  • They come in a wide range of more than 300 patterns offering a variety of finishes that allow to transform any commercial or residential space.


No pre-test is required to mount the Infeel coatings. With just a few tools you can carry out your installation.

Basic tools: Meter, plastic spatula, blade, heat gun, contact glue, gloves, primer, brushes and ruler.

Installation steps:

  1. Surface cleaning.
  2. Measure the height and cut the Infeel sheet adding 4cm as margin to correct unevenness.
  3. Mark the mounting points, remove about 5cm of the adhesive protector and position the sheet in the marked area.
  4. Apply pressure from the center towards the ends to fix the sheet.
  5. Remove the adhesive shield as the installation progresses.
  6. Once the sheet is placed, press again on the edges with the plastic spatula and cut the surplus.
Do you want to know more about the installation of Infeel? Download the Infeel Installation Guide.

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